Country music is known for being about love, small towns and rural lifestyles, and caters to, and is popular with, North Americans, especially those who can relate to the music. Since becoming a genre and a standalone type of music back in the 1920s, the genre has become distinct and popular worldwide. The genre is most popular in the United States but is enjoyed across the world as well, maybe lesser so than other genres. Here is a brief but entertaining list of some of the defining but also craziest moments in country music:

  • Jerry Lee Lewis was one of the forefathers and original country music stars. He quickly earned a reputation as a fiery character and was actually known as The Killer. True to his nickname, Lewis set fire to his piano when he was unhappy with an element of his tour.
  • Johnny Paycheck stole Patsy Cline’s car; he also showed up to a Canadian court completely shirtless. He was an extremely controversial individual but absolutely a fantastic musician.
  • Willie Nelson was unapologetic and not ashamed or secretive about his use of marijuana, even the time he did so on the roof of the White House.
  • George Jones once drove a lawnmower to the store, because his wife had hidden the car keys.