Getting a slot to perform at a popular music festival can elevate you. Whether you are an individual musician or you play with a band, part of promoting your work should involve performances at a music festival. The challenge is that it is competitive to be considered especially if you are new. That is not to mean it is impossible. It just means you have to strategise.

Tips and Tricks

  • Get your music together: It goes without saying that if people are to come and watch you perform at a festival, you must be good at what you do. Ideally, a festival always brings together many other artists. You have to match up so that people do not remember you or your band as the worst performers at the festival.
  • Understand the festival: There are different types of music festivals so you have to choose and apply to the one that fits your genre. If you are unsure of the genre needed by the festival you are eyeing, reach out to the organisers to confirm if you qualify.
  • Do not be afraid to start small: Do not be too obsessed with performing at the popular festivals that you forget to try out smaller platforms that can give you exposure. If there is a music festival coming up near you, and it is accepting musicians, try it out as you await the popular one.
  • Start early: Have a list of some of the festivals you are hoping to perform in. You should then start making inquiries and doing your research early enough so that you do not miss out.

In the process of trying to perform at a music festival, you may get rejections. Do not take it to mean you are not good enough. Keep trying others until you get a slot. If not, think of organising your own.