Music has long been an integral part of society and part of different cultures. Though each genre, subgenre and type of music has a unique sound and its own characteristics, there are many commonalities between styles. Music, no matter the genre, is a platform for the artists to express themselves, whether just for fun, to communicate about a personal experience or a comment on social or political issues.

Without music, society would have much less of a voice, and there would be much less communication between those who are far apart or who may not necessarily otherwise speak the same language. Music is a crucial component of society and of different cultures. Music, along with language, is one of the longest standing elements of many different cultures worldwide.

Some genres of music which can be heard in, and which have influenced a lot of, more modern genres include the following:

  • Reggae
  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Folk
  • Disco

Music continues to evolve, and the barriers are being broken with country songs being heard all the way across the musical borders in hip hop and the bold sounds of reggae being influenced by folk and blues. There are no limits.