Exit is a world-renowned music festival which is held in Novi Sad, Serbia, It draws a crowd, if not for the music, to experience the Fortress where the festival is held. It has been deemed the best festival in the entire European Union at the EU Festival Awards, that were held in 2014, as well as 2018. These awards are held every four years, to recognise the best that the continent has to offer in the world of live music. They also won an award for the best ‘Overseas Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards, as well as other awards in the UK between 2009 and 2013.

This major festival was brought to the forefront, and to the music scene, in 2000. The festival was actually created as a way for students to get together, and start a movement and a commentary on a democratic and free society in Serbia, as well as the Balkans, following the Yugoslavian election of 2000. This notion of social responsibility is still a core concept, and the underlying theme and trend at this festival, which makes it unique.

Because of its social commentary, EXIT has earned international attention from different news and media outlets. Some of the media outlets which have featured and discussed it include CNN, The Guardian, The Sun, Euronews and the BBC.

The experience of the festival is unlike any other. It has 20 different stages which are each unique. The genres of music span from grunge music to EDM and everything in between.