Mawazine, otherwise known as the festival of the Rhythms of the World, is held in Morroco and is the largest festival in the entire African continent. The festival draws and showcases talent and artists from all over the world, and has featured names such as Pitbull and Chris Brown, as well as many local and regional artists.

In 2013, the attendance reached a high of 2.5 million people, making it the largest festival in the entire world, even more significant than Coachella or any American equivalent.

The festival has had two defined eras of existence. The first era, from 2001 to 2007, it was dedicated to the music of the world and showcased different and diverse artists. This era came to an end when organisers and promoters had a hard time finding financial sponsors and support. The second era which started in 2008, showcased more mainstream artists and therefore was more easily able to get financial backing and stable sponsors to endorse the event. There is still, however, the significant controversy over the sources of funding for the festival, with a lot of state-owned companies in Morroco being primary avenues of funding for the festival.