Pop and all of its subgenres were actually left behind in the 1960s and replaced almost entirely by a sound which could be described as a blend of pop and punk. Bands who were popular, and defined this decade include Cheap Trick, Duran Duran, The Romantics, as well as the pop-rock sounds of Elton John, Jackson 5 plus Queen. This was a softer type of rock, more relaxed and more upbeat listening than many hardcore rock fans may have been used to.

The diversity within these sounds allowed artists to reach an extensive and diverse group of fans with their ballads, upbeat club songs, as well as guitar forward rock songs. Arena rock was popular, as people were interested in going to concerts and listening to music live with friends and family, and these events tended to demand more pop-driven songs which people could sing and dance to.

From this era of music came many different songs that are still popular today, and that are deemed some of the biggest songs of all time. This includes Bennie and the Jets, Bohemian Rhapsody, ABC and I Want you Back.