MTV; the Biggest Moment of 1980s Music

MTV was one of, if not the most, defining moments of 1980s music. MTV stood for Music Television and was a channel created for cable tv subscribers dedicated entirely to, you guessed it, music. As of August 1, 1981, music fans across the world could tune into MTV to watch music videos all day, every day. This created an entirely new way to listen to music, with a focus which was no longer just on the sound, but on performances, theatrics and the visual element as well.

Old Artists, New Careers

A popular trend in ’80s music was the idea of older stars re-emerging with brand new careers and images, with solo careers in mind. Take Cher, Tina Turner, and even Paul McCartney, as examples, and as leaders of this trend. All of these artists had once been part of groups but decided to pave their own path independently in the ’80s and did so with great success.

One Hit Wonders

Another big trend, somewhat by accident, was the concept of one hit wonders. This often happened when lesser known or newer artists would create, produce and release songs which were incredibly successful but with little follow-up. Usually, it was not for lack of trying on the artists’ part to follow up one hit with another, but the music industry continued to expand, and become more and more competitive for those trying to make it big. The technology was also a disrupter, and a significant factor at play in the industry, as it evolved and changed the way music was both created and consumed.

New Pop Stars

New pop stars were in no shortage in the 1980s. It was an entirely new breed of stars which included Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince, among others. These were not just great artists, but also great performers, something audiences were coming to expect and demand of artists, thanks to MTV and new methods of consuming music in more visual ways.