The 1960s was the era of pop music, especially for young adult audiences. This was the period when portable music became possible, with the introduction of a radio which could go with you wherever you went. This made music much more accessible, creating a fantastic opportunity for artists and the music makers of the world.

Surf rock was one sound which emerged in this decade, with bands such as the Beach Boys adding a level of beachy tunes to mainstream beats and songs. This was enjoyed on the beaches of California and from coast to coast.

Another defining sound from the 1960s is the unique and unmistakable sound of British rock. The Beatles made their way into American and European charts, and into the hearts of listeners around the world. The unique sound which combined rock and pop meant a broad reach in terms of audience and listeners. Many other British bands and sounds made their way onto international charts as well. The sound of upbeat, catchy British tunes was the music that was blaring out of radios around the world.

Music became more deeply embedded in many cultures, as it started to more heavily incorporate social and political messages as well.