The 1950s were one of the most critical and defining decades in terms of music. The sounds which shaped and defined the ‘50’s was not only swing music, crooning and upbeat vocals, but this was also the era where rock and roll really started to steal the limelight. This decade was one of the first where the boundaries of genres were broken down.

Rock started to emerge as people such as Mitch Miller, a producer with Columbia Records, created sounds by combining genres which had never been connected before, including country and blues, to create this unique sound, that would go on to be fondly known as rock and roll.

We can also thank Elvis Presley for helping shape this decade of music as well, as he came on the scene around 1953, and had such a unique sound which got people’s attention away from the orchestras of the earlier decades and focused on the glitz and glamour of rock and roll.

The ’50s was a revolutionary decade for music, building a bridge between various genres, which alone were very popular in previous decades, but when combined, created unique sounds and piqued the attention of listeners, artists and producers all over the world.