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  • Start Off Your Music Production Journey with Refurbished Computers

    Start Off Your Music Production Journey with Refurbished Computers

    Are you an aspiring music producer who is feeling held back by the cost of the equipment? Or perhaps you could already have put one foot in by starting a […]

  • Hip Hop’s Popularity

    Hip Hop’s Popularity

    Based on a study done by the global and world-renowned streaming service, Spotify, hip hop is actually the most listened to genre of music all over th

  • Exit Music Festival

    Exit Music Festival

    Exit is a world-renowned music festival which is held in Novi Sad, Serbia, It draws a crowd, if not for the music, to experience the Fortress where th

  • Mawazine


    Mawazine, otherwise known as the festival of the Rhythms of the World, is held in Morroco and is the largest festival in the entire African continent.

  • The Music of the 1990s

    The Music of the 1990s

    The ‘80s did heavily influence the music of the ’90s, however, often the ’90s are known to be a decade which is hard to define and describe in terms o

  • The 1950s

    The 1950s

    The 1950s were one of the most critical and defining decades in terms of music. The sounds which shaped and defined the ‘50’s was not only swing music

  • Blues Music

    Blues Music

    Blues is a genre of music which is famous all over the world and is one of the longest standing types of music, with the most vibrant cultures and his